Our Approach

NOAC exists because the private sector, public sector and pop culture united together can eliminate stigmas to help end prescription opioid misuse and addiction in America.

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We reject the status quo: the shrug-your-shoulders, that’s-not-my-problem way of sidelining the opioid crisis. With 97 percent of the world’s opioid overdoses occurring right here in the United States, and more Americans dying from overdose last year than died in combat during the Vietnam War, this is the biggest public health crisis we have faced in the 21st century. Half-measures and empty promises won’t solve this problem. We need to start pulling in the same direction.

That’s where NOAC comes in.

Working with policy and business leaders, grass-roots activists, and pop culture icons, we are igniting a national conversation about opioid prevention, treatment, and recovery. We’re spotlighting successful programs, developing ways for at-risk communities to make their voices heard, and bringing people together to engineer sustainable solutions. Most of all, we’re letting people with opioid use disorders know they are not alone, recovery is possible, and we’re behind them all the way.

NOAC works at the intersection of communications, policy, and social change. Our members understand the technologies and practices that underpin messages that change perceptions and drive action. We collaborate across industry sectors, government agencies, and local communities to forge stronger partnerships. We know how to use the right voices and the right channels to break through the noise and mobilize our audiences — from the people dealing with the opioid epidemic to the people who can help stop it.

Key Initiatives

NOAC is working with our partners to bring relief to the hardest-hit states, launch public-private partnerships with influential companies, guide military veterans to treatment and recovery services, and test new mobile technologies for delivering lifesaving treatments for opioid overdose.

We are always expanding the scope of our activities and welcome your ideas for increasing our impact. To discuss a potential partnership, please contact us

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Governor’s Address

Along with our partners at iHeartMedia, we are providing the nation’s governors with a unique opportunity to promote opioid misuse prevention and combat stigma related to treating addiction. The Governor’s Address gives state leaders a free, multichannel media platform for raising awareness, spurring action, and discussing their states’ specific needs.

As we expand the Governor’s Address program, we will encourage other influential but relatable people to use a local iHeartMedia studio or a mobile app to record encouraging stories about overcoming opioid use disorder.

Corporate Social Responsibility

NOAC is harnessing the influence of pop culture icons through one of the most extensive media networks in the country. Our unmatched assets offer companies that join our coalition an exceptional opportunity to increase the impact of their CSR investments and lead social change.

Minus O

Together with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and developing private partners, NOAC is developing the Minus O mobile app to connect people with naloxone to treat an overdose. Currently undergoing beta testing in Seattle, the Minus O app supports a powerful network of volunteers who save lives. It also builds community support by collecting valuable data and fostering outreach programs.

Base Command

Opioid misuse is disproportionately high among U.S. military veterans. NOAC is working with veterans groups and military community leaders to help veterans dealing with opioid issues to find local support. By promoting resources among veterans’ friends and family members, particularly in media markets with high rates of veteran opioid misuse, we can help overcome the stigma veterans may associate with opioid misuse and treatment.